Drying And Curing Cocoa Nibbles Cannabis Buds

Drying And Curing Cocoa Nibbles Cannabis Buds

Do you know the correct procedure for growing cannabis seeds? Or do you know what the right method of curing and drying cannabis buds effortlessly is? It is a simple process that will highly impact the taste if you choose the wrong method and will also destroy the quality of your cannabis crop. It is easy to harvest the plants but requires a lot of effort and the right technique. Curing Cocoa Nibbles seeds involves drying the cannabis buds slowly, especially in a restricted environment. 

The next step is to keep all the dried buds in a glass container for at least a few weeks. By adopting this method, the marijuana smell and taste would be better, which is the most vital aspect everyone must consider. Moreover, before you offer a complete guide to drying and curing up the cannabis buds, it becomes essential to go through the topmost reasons why it is necessary to dry and cure your seeds in the first place. 

So, without any more delay, let's dive into this blog which will provide you with detailed knowledge on how you can cure and dry the seeds and why it is significant:

Cannabis Curing Increases Potency

Several growers bother to do the complete process unless they wish to get the most potent cannabis possible during this process, known as biosynthesis, cannabis plant manufacture (THCA), and other cannabinoids. In addition, this process also involves specific elements which get easily converted into unique mixtures. For instance, THCA becomes THC. 

If there is a low level of THC and other cannabinoids, it won't properly cure the marijuana seeds. To your knowledge, when you cut down your cannabis seeds, you must ensure they are placed in temperatures between 60-80 degrees F. Furthermore, it becomes very significant to maintain the correct humidity level. Adopting this method will ease the biosynthesis process and ensure that your crop is great with THC.

Curing Preserves Your Cannabis

Do you believe that curing preserves your cannabis seeds? If you are keeping your cannabis seeds in store for the longest time, it becomes essential to have high-quality curing. When you cure the plants rightly, you can effortlessly store them in a container that has been stored for a few years without a vital loss in potency. Moreover, it will also lose cannabinoid content and become easy to mold growth. 

What Is The Best Way To Dry Cannabis?

Before starting the drying and curing process, you must ensure that you have all the required equipment. It mainly includes:

  • Wide-mouth glass jars to place all your plants greatly
  • A drying rack
  • A hygrometer
  • Humidpacks

The last two points, as mentioned above, are optional. Adopting the following points makes it much easier by calculating the humidity and ensuring that the weed should not get too dried out. Suppose you start drying the complete process when you harvest your cannabis seeds. Additionally, when the growers cut down the marijuana seeds, you will instantly see how sticky and wet the flowers are—furthermore, this a fabulous choice of plants that increase the intoxicating resin levels. However, if you ignore such things, you will bring in bacteria and fungi. 


What do you understand by the term trimming? There are two types of trimming: wet and dry. As soon as you see that your plants are ripped, it would be best to trim them as soon as possible. You need to cut off the branches with unnecessary plants as if you will not do it so that it might affect the growth of your seed. However, you must also ensure to trim sugar leaves as it lowers the cannabinoid content that makes them suitable for edible. 

Dry trimming is a fabulous step when harvesting on a commercial scale. It is the point where you can cut off all the branches and install them upside down. Also, you must ensure that; you only have to cut and make further action when they are completely dried. It is a trickier process in comparison to wet trimming; it happens because the sugar leaves are all curled the bud townwards. 

It does not matter which technique you must utilize; you must ensure to get rid of the bigger leaves that are of no use and enhance the appearance of the buds greatly. Also, your marijuana will become hard to smoke if you permit too much leaf to survive. Moreover, it becomes vital to trim the fewer leaves if you are located in a region where the humidity levels decrease to 30% on average.

Hanging Your Buds

This step is the most vital point to have appropriate drying, where you need to make sure that your storage room is at the correct temperature and also has the correct humidity levels. You need to keep the drying room between 70-80 degrees F and ensure the humidity stays in the 45-55% range. In addition, you can utilize a small fan to have a source of air in the room, so you don't have to point directly at the cannabis. Moreover, hanging your buds upside down is a fabulous technique, especially when trying to have a dry cannabis plant. 

However, you can also lay down flat on a clean surface if you face space issues at your place. If you adopt this technique, you must ensure that you turn the buds every few hours to ignore the wet spots. Moreover, you also need to check regularly on your buds to ensure that it grows rightly and is easy to access. 

You can also buy a specialized drying rack if you wish to invest in something great, by doing this will help in drying your buds faster and will keep them in good quality. It mainly removes the moisture from the buds. Moreover, mold can easily grow if you are located in a humid area, creating a problem there. So, in this scenario, investing in a good quality rack will be great. 

Do You Feel the 'Breakage' of Dry Buds?

It is completely dependent on the conditions of the storage room; at least you should have full dry buds, which takes about 8-13 days. In addition, you can still cure them if they dry up faster, as the particular process will take longer. Once the buds are completely ready for curing, you can break off the smallest buds by applying less pressure. 

You may feel slightly larger stems, which means there is moisture inside. That will be great because the curing process causes the water to work its way outside the buds. If you have a big crop, you can place the branches in a container with the lids left overnight.

6-Step Guide to Cannabis Curing

Step 1 – Separate Buds from Branches

First, you must complete this step, especially if you still need to cut the buds and separate them from the branches. It will not obstruct the growth of the seed and will grow beautifully.

Step 2 – Place Buds into a Container

The second point is you need to place the buds into a container if you are hoping to have good-quality seeds, you need to adopt this step, and now if you do it all wrong, it will affect its growth. So, your main aim is to ensure that your buds are nicely stored in a restricted environment. 

Ideally, you will now have to store at a humidity of about 60-65%, and the temperature should be around 80 degrees F. If you have this moisture level, the buds will be dry on the outside but still soft on the inside. 

Step 3 – Place Jars in a Dark Place

The third aspect is that you must place the seeds in a dark place inside the container, and you must ensure that the jars are tight enough to place them in a cool and dark place. Also, it would be best if you made sure the outer layer of the buds is not crunchy and dry. Moreover, if the outer part is very dry, it simply means that the marijuana is too dry. 

Step 4 – Regular Checks

During the initial few days, you must open the jars regularly to let the flowers breathe significantly. It is the most vital step as it will permit the moisture to escape in case you are offering more oxygen. If you open the container and smell a foul odor, it is a sign of bacterial growth. 

Now the main question here arises why do such things happen? It mainly happens when you try to store all the buds in case you haven't dried out completely. Moreover, if you ignore such situations, you will have a molded cannabis plant. 

Step 5 – Repeat All Points for 2-3 Weeks

Your cannabis should be ready to utilize after a few weeks in a glass container. However, several experts do believe that 7-8 weeks of cure is the right time. Since there are a few marijuana strains that will be beneficial from a six-month curing process, in case you can't wait that long. In most cases, curing does little for seed quality after six months. At this stage, creating a long-term storage solution is best to ensure your cannabis remains potent.

Step 6 – Pack in Segments and Weigh

Lastly, if you intend to keep all your marijuana seeds for your personal use, it is fabulous if you invest in humidity packs. Also, it will keep your marijuana fresh for the longest time. In addition, there are many low-price cannabis scales available in the online store. Furthermore, you must select a brand, weigh your cannabis, measure its utilization, and consider how long this batch will last. 


Back then, there was not much attention to drying and curing. The primary aim is to sell as many cannabis seeds as possible, which shows that it completely neglected the curing process. Moreover, by growing cocoa nibbles, you need to consider there is a thin line between over-drying and not drying enough. Therefore, ignoring it will give low-quality seeds. Fortunately, no specialized equipment is needed, so you can do it home with the cannabis you grow. So, if you require complete knowledge, go through this guide.