Ethos Genetics: Benefits & Process of Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Ethos Genetics: Benefits & Process of Growing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

It is not a complex process of cultivating marijuana; all perform it. Some novices or skilled growers can help you cultivate your favorite marijuana seeds from Ethos Genetics. But, you have to search for the fundamentals of cultivating these plants. For example, you have to pick your preferred cannabis strains since it is one of the highly vital things to start cultivating marijuana.

Feminized marijuana seeds are the highly prominent ones that both novice and experienced cultivators love growing, and it is due to their flexibility in any environment where it grows. One of the unique techniques these growers use is to avail greater yields of the SCROG methods.

To explore more regarding the feminized cannabis seeds and the reason it is the highly preferred seed, you have to read our article till the end!

Overview of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

In the industry where cannabis seeds get cultivated, the feminized marijuana seeds are distinctive since they are the only female plants that produce consumable flowers. The feminized seeds get cultivated mainly to remove the male genes.

It means that you are cultivating the female marijuana plant using feminized seeds. It is what all the growers demand as the smokable buds are generated only by the female marijuana plants. Female marijuana creates distinctively more operational compounds that include THC and CBD than male marijuana plants. 

There are seeds themselves that are entirely natural as they get generated through natural photosynthesis, although the parent crop gets regarded as being altered genetically.

You can avail larger plants and greater yields with the feminized seeds for the smokeable weed, which has a lot of potential than marijuana being produced with the help of the autoflower seeds. 

It is due to the higher yields and the possibility that it can clone the feminized plants. At the same time, a couple of the committed cultivators prefer to grow using these feminized seeds and cannot create any room with greater attention and care along with the highly-demanding light cycle.

The Benefits of Using Feminized Seeds

Cultivating cannabis has recently become highly popular, specifically among several home growers. Although there are varied kinds of seeds for you to pick from, the highly popular one is the feminized variety.

The feminized seeds are specially-bred cannabis seeds where the male chromosomes are eradicated to produce female plants only. It is, however, not the truth as the plant should get considered to become genetically modified. At the same time, the seeds remain completely natural since they are produced with the help of pollination.

The feminized seeds from Ethos Genetics are created by self-pollination of the reversed female plant. As an outcome, the chromosomes of the $1 lineage including the feminized form, produce the real genetic match of this parental line. Pheno hunting is possible with the help of feminized seeds for those searching for the ideal characteristics and mainly a desirable trait for the cultivar.

Regular seeds are throwing out the mixed traits worked on as the breeder but for the preservation of the genetic match for the regular sexed predecessor, with the feminized seeds working amazingly.

There is an ongoing debate regarding the kind of cannabis seeds that are working with. It's never-ending, according to several mentioning regular and many arguing on it being feminized. Granted that both serve varied purposes depending on the end grower, we have explained all the benefits of growing feminized seeds compared to regular ones.

  • Greater efficiencies with the growing space
  • The ideal thing about the feminized seeds and whatever revolutionized indoor growing ever since is that the growth space gets used to 100% spacing efficiency. The regular seeds involve the sexing period, where the grower decides whether to use the male or the female plants.

    Specifically speaking, several gardeners are growing to produce flowers over the seeds, and the feminized seeds offer their growers the ideal tool to get the job done. The feminized plants start growing uniformly, ensuring that the growth system is used with optimal plant spacing and counting.

  • Easier Plant Training Early On
  • Whenever working with regular seeds, the growers are reluctant to train the plants up while they normally would in case the plant is a male one and not what they are searching for. With the application of all kinds of plant training, it is possible to enhance the entire canopy and the harvest with feminized seeds.

    There are no feelings of the time wasted with the labor and nutrients while using the feminized seeds meaning that there is no point once the flowering has started where a percentage of the garden needs to get removed due to the male plants. 

    You can attain the best results using a Sea of Green formation with the feminized seeds producing some of the best results. There are a couple of variants of cannabis working better than the others therefore ensure that you research the strains which are better suited for the requirements.

  • No Need To Sex Plants
  • The growers who are just starting become anxious and panicky at the idea of the male plant being in the growth room. The real thought of the pollinated crop is enough in stopping the dream of growing them in their tracks and the idea of waiting patiently to identify the preflowers during the transition window sound, which is a tough job to do.

    Sexing plants is easier as the feminized seeds start eliminating that concern while allowing a grower to become comfortable and stay away from their garden with some maintenance work involved without the threat of the unseen male.

  • The World Of Choice
  • The market for feminized cannabis has developed over the years and consists of an unbelievable choice of seeds. These days, it is possible to have these feminized seeds sent to your home with autoflowering, CBD dominant, or standard during the photoperiod variants. 

    9 out of 10 growers are picking to happily work with the feminized seeds, although the regular seeds are attaining a lot of fame among the growers who are heavier into phenol breeding and hunting.

  • Clones May Not Be Reliable
  • One of the ideal ways to check out the benefits of the feminized seeds is how they fill up the space for the clones. It might be that these clones have become highly contaminated or infested with spider mites. 

    Perhaps, it is never logistically easier to source reliable clones wherever you live than to have seeds discreetly arriving in the mail. The feminized seeds will also make this job straightforward and simple if your objection is to find a keeper who can get cloned.

    Techniques for Making Feminized Seeds

    Growers deliberately start pollinating their female crops to attain distinctive characteristics in their offspring whenever it comes to the reproduction of marijuana. The breeder does not aim to cross between the different strains for reaching out to a specific phenotype. Whenever the breeder has established a specific phenotype, he might attempt to generate offspring with this massive trait. They can get this done by the feminizing seeds generated by the mother plant.

    The method to force a plant to grow as female seeds is necessary by tricking it into believing it as it nears its end through feminization. The plants often create female seeds, and there is a relatively smaller amount of male seeds staying alive and dispersing their genetic material greatly since there is a limited number of male plants that pollinate several other female plants.

    Feminization is inducing a plant to grow female seeds in distinctive quantities. The feminization of the seeds is done in varied ways, one of which is unique; however, they all revolve around the similar goal of getting the female seeds. A couple of approaches are more effective than the others, which is why several farmers and growers are favoring them.

    The following are a few of the techniques commonly used: 

  • Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS)
  • There is no doubt that it is among the most common strategies used by seed banks and cultivators. The sustainability prioritizes the filtered water with the silver nitrate with the sodium thiosulphate while spraying on the female plants prevents their ethylene function, leading to the development of the male flowers till the flowering gets induced.

    STS is easier to produce; however, the period is concise after the blend of two elements only a couple of days and mainly whenever it is maintained well. It is vital to note that you are not using any part of the plant which gets sprinkled with this kind of product as it will be extremely odd as the crops become males and do not grow into buds.

  • Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal silver is often water-based, purified products suspending the smaller silver pieces. The existence of the colloids ensures that these particles are not settled and cannot get separated through regular filtering. The colloidal silver is available commercially, or you can even produce your version if you are completely nerd out.

    Initially, you should pick the plant with the features which you plan to retain. Feminized cloning is the standard process as the development; growth and resin properties are established for the mother. There is no requirement for vegetation time if the clone is well-rooted. You just have to place the clone into a smaller pot, allow it to regenerate for about a day or two, and instantly launch for a 12/12 light period. The pollen-generating plant only needs to become smaller, as cannabis contains ample pollen.

  • Rodelization
  • The modelization process is mainly the slowest, least efficient, and least sure to succeed from these three techniques. Rodelization pressures a plant to become male to safeguard itself instead of collecting flowers till they bloom.

    You should leave the plant under this condition for a couple of weeks till it has flowered. The crop would then become less stressed and produce various male flowers to start re-pollinating. When the plant grows well, you need to wait a couple of more weeks for the good seeds to start planting.

    Remember that this approach is less practical than the rest since it produces fewer seeds. It is also nature's way of feminizing plants; however, it consumes a lot of time since it does everything in nature. It takes a lot longer compared to colloidal and STS.

    Final Thoughts

    Consider going through our catalog for a detailed look at our entire range of feminized seeds from Ethos genetics if you are prepared to buy cannabis seeds online. You can check out our online shop if you have realized the power of the feminized seeds. We sell various female cannabis seeds that make seed cultivation easier, especially for beginners. We are here to assist you to get the most out of your harvest while enjoying everything this incredible plant has in its offerings.