Ethos Genetics: Things To Consider Before Growing Cannabis

Ethos Genetics: Things To Consider Before Growing Cannabis

Good quality seeds are the primary key to healthier plants with proper harvests, and starting to grow with top-shelf genetics is equally vital. However, proper watering or feeding and better light quality will surely affect your plants' health and higher-yielding potential. However, how would you inform the quality of the cannabis seeds from Ethos Genetics apart from the others?

In our post today, we will show you the ideal ways to locate high-quality cannabis seeds, start growing them and avoid the duds right off.

Appearance & Feel - Checking The Color, Size, & Shape Of Your Seeds

The cannabis did not undergo vigorous breeding techniques that ensure a stable crop, unlike any other crops such as fruit, vegetables, or grain. It appears that you, at times, will sow a pack of seeds labeled technically as the same strain but would end up with yet other different appearing plants. It would even mean that the individual seeds you purchase through the seed bank vary in appearance.

In reality, the cannabis seeds would vary greatly in their appearance, while a few have led a couple of growers into thinking that the size, color, or shape of these seeds would dictate their quality.

We would never recommend you consider the seed's shape or size due to the sign of their quality. A couple of strains generate smaller seeds than the rest and, at times, with the same plant that produces seeds of different shapes and sizes. You should never discard the seed only since it is different or smaller in their shape than any other.

The feel and the color of the seed alternatively will inform you more about its maturity and the potential for germinating or growing in a healthy seedling.

The matured cannabis seeds will mainly have a tough outer shell that varies in color, ranging from very dark to very light grey, as it might have tiger-like stripes. You should strongly press these seeds between your fingers without causing much damage to them.

Alternatively, the immature cannabis seeds mainly have to become greener and have a softer outer shell that breaks whenever any type of pressure is applied.

Always remember that the easier process involved in storing and packaging the cannabis seeds would affect the appearance. The abrupt changes in the temperature, humidity, or greater light exposure would make some seeds appear lighter or darker than the rest, which does not affect the qualities.

Keep in mind that, like animals and other living things, the cannabis seeds are biologically different from one another even if they are technically of the same strain and, therefore, would exhibit varied physical traits. Never should you allow the natural differences to fool you into considering that the larger, rounder and darker seed is better off as the quality is smaller, lighter, and oval-shaped.

Can You Determine the Sex of Cannabis Seeds through their Appearance?

We hear this question all the time from clients and beginner growers, and the answer is a resounding no. There is simply no way to tell the sex of a cannabis seed just by looking at it.

We often come across this question at all times from the clients as well as the beginner growers who have an answer that comes up as no. There is hardly any way to inform about the sex of the cannabis seed only by checking it out.

The instant web search will come up with all types of myths about how to inform female cannabis seeds from male ones. One of the highly prominent ones arrives from five different seeds claiming that these female seeds have a perfectly round volcanic-like depression at the bottom end from where the seed gets attached to the plant.

It is hardly a truth here. As already mentioned, the cannabis seeds would naturally appear different, and no single physical characteristic of the seed would inform you whether the seed consists of the genetics of the male or the female plant. The only way to inform the female of cannabis from the male is by checking out the flowers and when it starts to have sex. You should never be fooled into throwing out perfectly healthier seeds since the popular online chart informed you about it.

Growing Seeds From A Bag (Bagseed)

Some smokers would love to check out a couple of cannabis seeds in their bag and may consider themselves lucky. But, finding the seeds in the bag is not good for various reasons. For one, it appears that the growers have messed up and have allowed their female plants to get pollinated by the invading male.

The plants would stop producing the resin and divert their energy towards producing seeds whenever these flowers get pollinated. Secondly, the seeds would have added to the bag's entire weight, which appears like there is less weed for your money.

With this being said, you might even get lucky if the strain they grew was the main one. In this case, it is worth carrying out the tests to check if the seeds from Ethos Genetics are worth germinating.

Germinating All Your Seeds Regardless

You should even test the seed's genetic potential by simply placing it in the soil. It will not take a long time to deliver the desired outcomes. It is the ideal option for hobby home growers with sufficient time and space for sparing this riskier project. Some growers are cultivating cannabis for commercial uses, which are not likely to not have more time to make the necessary investments.

The robust way to obtain some best seeds is to locate a reputable seed bank. These firms take pride in their breeding ability and ensure that their customers receive what is advertised. They have a strong reputation to which they need to cater, so delivering less would only affect their image adversely.

The other way into this is to risk buying the seeds from hobbyists, and it is not to mention that the hobby growers will not generate some best genetics; however, if you do not understand them or their skills, then there is no way to understand whether the seeds will grow or not.

Conducting The Float Test

It is time for you to put on your lab coat and goggles if you are still unsure about the quality of your seeds, even after analyzing their toughness and appearance. It is not quite this, as the test is easier and has two possible results. It is time to fill the drinking glass or glass jar with water, mainly the spring or the distilled ones while placing the seeds on the surface.

It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to distinguish between good genetics and bad, as they would swim or sink. These seeds would stay buoyant on the surface and are more likely of bad quality, which should be discarded. The seeds sinking right at the bottom are more like the botanical cannonball and are probably the healthiest and should get germinated.

But, patience is required whenever you are conducting a floating test as the outcomes are not instantly apparent. You must wait about one to two hours before confirming the outcomes. The good quality seeds would require the right time to absorb sufficient water from them to sink. You can use this time to go and start watering the garden and get the much-required pruning done. The seeds that would stay on the surface are extremely viable and are not worth the effort and time after your return.

You must start conducting the test if you plan to germinate the seeds immediately later. The most viable seeds sinking right at the bottom of the glass will need to absorb water that crosses the membrane of the seed, signaling that it is time to get back to life and activate the germination.

Cannabis Seed Quality - The Bottom Line

The seed quality has a direct impact on your harvest quality. With this in mind, you should use the tips mentioned above to test the quality of any seeds from Ethos Genetics you are purchasing. With all being mentioned, ensure to keep in mind that every cannabis plant is different, and it will produce a bit different seed.