Steps To Following To Grow Old Growth OG

Steps To Following To Grow Old Growth OG

Are you seeking to grow marijuana seeds for your home? If yes, what are the correct methods to do? It is completely up to you to grow them in tents or cabinets, which would eventually accommodate several plants. However, if you wish for a compact growing space that will offer a healthier growing, you must opt for a bigger space. By growing old growth og seeds you need to be very particular about a few important things to consider in having healthy growth.

If you are planning to grow only one few cannabis plants, a small space is enough. Here the plants will get all their growing requirements, which are significant for their healthy growth. And the best part of it is space buckets are very budget-friendly to create. You can use old items in your home to make your space bucket look significant. Here are some of the crucial points that you must consider:

Make Your Space Buckets Easy at Home

4 x 5 Gallon Buckets and One Lid

The first one is to have at least 4x5 buckets and one Lid to start growing your plants. It would help if you stacked all the buckets to create a bigger planter for all your plants. It is significant because adding more buckets at the topmost level can make the bucket taller. Generally, you require quite a few buckets to be stacked on each other if you wish to grow taller plants. 

6 x 23 w CFL Bulbs and Six E27 Sockets

This setup is very suitable for young plants, as they require more light, and it will help in enhancing this setup incredibly. However, it would help if you were very careful as some of the seeds would require more light, and some would need less light, so you need to maintain the temperature properly. Moreover, you can also prevent this by adding another item, a fan, which would help decrease the bulbs' wattage. 

2 Small PC Fans and a 12v Power Supply

Generally, you can add two or three PC fans; that would be enough to cut down the heat and improve the humidity of the inside space bucket. However, this is also essential as some of the seeds might require more lighting and some might need more air, so it becomes vital to put a few fans to give your plants air to breathe. 

Reflective Material

What do you understand by the term reflective material? It is vital to install the reflective material inside the space bucket, which would greatly assist in helping the bucket reflect the light to your plants. Also, you might use white paint to use the tape or hot glue to install the reflective material. 

Black Masking Tape

At this point, you need to install black mask taping or utilize the black paint outside the bucket to block all the light from outside and keep any bad odor from escaping from the plants inside the space bucket. 

A Power Strip with Surge Protection

To have good quality seeds, you must keep them safely in the tested power strips. Moreover, you can also buy this from any local hardware store or online electronic stores. So, it is highly advised to go through this point to have good quality seeds. 

A Standard 24 hr. Timer 

Set up the timer to help you accurately control all the light inside the space bucket. In addition, lighting schedules are vital to increasing the life of the regular cannabis plants; if they miss an hour, they might end up losing their life. Moreover, you can also buy the 24-hour timer from any local market or online hardware store. 

Some Wire, Glue, and other Tools 

With the help of space buckets, it can be made in a few hours by looking at them on the internet, even if you do not know about electricity. However, apart from this, you need to work carefully and always utilize safe and efficient devices which will work effectively. 

Building The Main Body of The Space Bucket

  • Create Holes on Your Buckets

The first step is to make a hole in your bucket, as it will be the main body that would play a crucial role. The bucket would have no cracks or holes and should be clean enough to let your plants breathe easily. Moreover, you can also cut some of the holes at the bottom of the bucket. Therefore, you can also use a drill or iron to create holes nicely. 

  • Put Some Rocks Inside

Secondly, you need to put some rocks inside before placing your plant, and you can also use medium-sized rocks. Remember to clean the rocks by scrubbing them with a soft brush and water them before you place them inside the bucket. 

  • Cover the Outside of Your Space Bucket

In the third step, you need to light proof your bucket before placing the black tape or do black paint on the outside to prevent entering the light inside. It will help block all the light that can affect your plants in a dark area. So, putting tape will greatly enhance your space bucket's appearance. 

Create Space Bucket Exhaust System

  • Installing the PC Fans

The PC fans provide two main functions: one will help deliver fresh air from the outside of the bucket to the inside, and another will help remove all the stale or bad odors from the room effortlessly. It would be best if you considered that the fan you use should be fitted in well and tight so that these won't move from one position to another. Moreover, you need to understand that the fan should not move even when these are powered on all day. 

  • Connect Fans to the Power Supply

Secondly, once all the fans are placed, you need to connect these fans to the 12v power supply. The power supply should be right on its line. If you need to learn how to use a fan for the power supply, you must look for wiring it online. Electrical tape can help cover the wiring, especially the connection directly from the fan to the power supply. 

  • Improve Air Circulation

Thirdly there are times when you have one PC  fan that used to work better than any other piece. You can also use it because it would help eliminate hot air from the space bucket, which is more effective than pushing it into cold air inside the container. 

Installing Space Bucket Lighting

1. Design Your Space Bucket Lighting

The simplest space bucket will have to grow lights placed horizontally to maximize the light that will shine on your plants. This efficient design will also reduce the amount of heat inside the container since it allows only a few light sockets to fit along the bucket's cover.

2. You May Add an Extra Exhaust Fan

As mentioned, adding more lights or bulbs inside the space bucket will become hotter. You can add another PC fan to pull out hot air or increase the number of stacked buckets to place the lights higher.

3. Ready the Top Cover or Lid

Now you must add a bucket lid. The Lid will also house the lights, so it has to be durable and should be at least several inches deeper. Place holes at the top of the Lid where you will attach bulb sockets.


Consider these few factors while growing your old growth og seeds. This entire blog will help you out in growing up in a great way. If you need to know how it should be grown and what type of environment it should need, consider this reference that would help you grow your seeds well. Now you must know how to utilize them and why they are important. You must consider all these crucial points while growing these seeds, which will help show you the right path and help you grow the cannabis plant. So, check out the above points to grow your marijuana seeds greatly.