autoflower feminized cannabis seeds

The Importance And Role of Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Selecting the right quality of seeds is quite a daunting task to do. Do you know the major difference between autoflowering, feminized, and regular seeds? Picking up the appropriate seeds is a crucial task and plays a great role in growing into a wonderful plant. There are endless varieties of seeds that you can opt for according to your requirements. In autoflower, feminized cannabis seeds will offer you good quality seeds, which every grower wants while planting the one. 

In this guide, fast-growing buds will break down the differences to aid you in picking the great seed for your place. Therefore, without any further due, let's run over what great cannabis seeds look like and how you can identify the fabulous seeds of the bunch. 

How To Identify Healthy Cannabis Seeds That Are Ready For Germination

Buds, we will always make sure that every single one of the seeds is fabulously mature enough and they are ready for the complete germination process. However, supplying every type of seed should be done with careful and different procedures. By looking at the plants, any grower can tell whether the plant is mature and healthy. In addition, ganja seeds can also vary in appearance, ranging from different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Seeds can range from green light to dark brown with a tiger-striped look when we talk about color. The lighter the seed's color it is essential to get it harvested at its earliest. These light-colored seeds will help make a softer outer shell that you can squish between the fingers to ensure a fabulous chance of germination by seeking dark brown seeds. 

Seeds that are very well packed away for months on end will have a dark brown look which can be greatly affected by the oxygen and lighting conditions. In addition, the seed size can offer you a little information about having healthy seeds. Some weed seeds range from very small to larger ones while relying on the particular strain they have produced. 

The shape of the seeds also offers as much information, and you should also seek a great body that is pointy and looks good and healthy. Also, the healthy seeds generally come with a waxy coating, but the immature or unhealthy seeds will appear dull under the great performance of light. Moreover, if you are at a place where the seeds are kept in a cup of water and leave them for a few hours, you will get healthy seeds that will actually sink to the bottom. 

Autoflowering Seeds

These types of fast buds are the most effortless type of seed to grow effectively. In autoflower seeds are mostly feminized seeds that will grow into bud-producing plants. Also, talking about cannabis plants would grow in two primary phases: vegetation and flowering. Therefore, the vegetation is where the plant aids up its frame to support the massive flowers that would look beautiful. So, flowering is where the plant helps to gear, and those are some of the challenges the sticky buds start popping effectively. Moreover, if you are growing regular or feminized seeds, the light majorly controls the transition from vegging to flowering. 

In this, the plant always remains to veg as it would receive about 15-18 hours of lighting. Once the number drops, all the plants switch the mode and kick the bud production into the high gear level. If these seeds are beautifully frowning outdoors, the light and the plants will also start to flower as the days will become short during the summer and fall. Moreover, while growing indoors, the grower can also control the fabulous lights scheduling to enter the flowering only when they select to do so. 

Whether you are an experienced grower that prefers to set up and tear down their growing operation as soon as possible or a commercial cultivator examining for a quicker reversal, these genetics are here to help you achieve your objectives. 

Regular Seeds

The regular seeds are the normal seeds placed in the ground, just like any other plant. Regular seeds are very stable and come in different varieties, permitting all the growers to design a brilliant environment for their plants. In addition, numerous varieties of seeds are grown in different conditions and require different services to grow them incredibly. Also, they are manufactured by pollinating the female cannabis plants and gathering the seeds effectively. However, half of the seeds will also help grow into the male plants. 

After growing the regular marijuana seeds, all the growers wait for that long to have all the productive plants express the male traits and then destroy them greatly. All the male plants have the same space as the female that will end up producing the flower at an early stage. Since all the regular seeds will also need all the growers to sacrifice their crop as they can plant twice the number they would require. In case you will grow the weed for no other reason in comparison to the female flowers, it would be filled with cannabinoids as you are better off ignoring them greatly. 

In addition, it doesn't matter to risk a male entering your grow space and having the time to spend sexing the plants at an early flowering stage. However, the regular seeds are also irreplaceable for all the cultivators that would desire to enter the breeding world. Also, they would offer the males that would make reproduction great possible. 

Feminized Seeds (Feminized For You Commonwealth Folk)

In this step, multiple growers would greatly opt for the feminized seeds to overlook sacrificing half of the seeds, which would grow in unhealthy female adults. When the plant is left stressed all the cannabis plants will begin by expressing the great traits of the opposite gender. That to have a female cannabis plant can manufacture pollen to fertilize itself. Moreover, these types of seeds manufactured by the self-pollinated females only have the DNA from the mother and will grow female plants like the mother. 

Are Autoflowering Seeds Right For You?

We will leave you with one last advantage to consider. Autoflowering plants grow shorter than other varieties. Instead of a tree, they often resemble a bush, making them perfect for those with limited space who value discretion. A one-meter-tall fast bud is much easier to tend to in secret than its two-meter-tall regular or feminized cousins.

Regardless of your situation, we hope this guide helps you choose the right seed for your tent or garden. 


After reading this reference, you have the idea of differentiating between autoflowering, feminized, and regular seeds greatly. By opting for the autoflower feminized cannabis seeds, it would help in offering you the good quality of seeds that every grower wants after putting in so much effort in the past few months.