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Ultimate Guide On Growing Magic Melon Autoflower Seeds

Have you ever tried growing weed from the seed? In case if you are interested in growing up cannabis seeds through an old method, then you have come to the right place. So, if you are planning to grow, go with the magic melon autoflower seeds, which are super easy, affordable, and fun to grow. You can grow your seeds effortlessly by following up the right techniques. It will take time and consideration, but you will see the amazing outcomes once it's all done.

So, if you are ready to become an experienced cannabis grower or breeder, here are some of the methods you need to determine effectively:

What Are Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the primary base for growing up the living cannabis plant beautifully. The good quality of cannabis seeds is also produced, especially when a male cannabis plant is fertilized into a female plant. In addition, when you are growing cannabis for flower buds, you don't want this to happen effectively. If you are seeking to breed new seeds, you can either go for hemp or new seeds in case you want pollination.

Here are the three main cannabis seed types you can buy and what to look for:

Regular: Regular seeds are equal after becoming either male or female cannabis plants, as regular seeds are also utilized for breeding new cannabis plants.

Feminized: Feminized seeds are the only method to grow female plants beautifully. So, selecting this kind diminishes the risk factor of germinating the male plants. But, there is less chance that the female cannabis plant displays great traits that feature both male and female sex organs.

Autoflowering: The autoflowering seeds all started with flowering at a specific period instead of waiting for the transformation. So, in the autoflowering plants, it is mainly harvested in a minimum of 8-10 weeks, permitting several yields throughout the year.

Choosing The Right Cannabis Seeds

The foremost step while growing the weed from the seeds is to select the right seeds. It is one of the greatest methods to get good quality cannabis seeds that you have licensed from any of the local places. However, many people don't even live in a state that has legalized cannabis for medical utilization.

You will come across multiple seed banks, including hiding the seeds in an object like a DVD case or anything else. So, if you get a chance to inspect your cannabis seeds before you grow them, there are several characteristics you must seek while growing up the seeds fantastically.

Here below are some of the amazing characteristics to look for in great high quality the cannabis seeds:

Size: Usually, you must have heard that the indica seeds are bigger than the sativa seeds. Additionally, indica seeds can also help display the stripes, while the sativa seeds generally come in one color.

Color: Secondly, you must ignore the growth of the green or pale-colored seeds, and the fabulous ones are the ones the seeds are matured and have a dark brown color and also might have dark stripes or spots of brown, black, or white.

Firmness: In this, the seed's firmness is there as it is tough and not at all soft, which could be broken effortlessly.

So, while inspecting the good quality, you also need to select the great kind you wish to grow effectively. Nowadays, there are a variety of types with different growing characterstics.

Cannabis Garden Set-Up

Cannabis seeds are mainly grown indoors as well as outdoors. So usually, by having multiple weed growers, they grow the seeds indoors greatly. So, regardless of where you can grow so, here are some of the topmost considerations that you need to keep in mind:

Location: Consider how much light your plant can get in your particular location and the amount of shade surrounding it greatly. Do you have enough great space for the lights?

Light: By having the indoor growers, it can select between the LED and the HID lighting; you also need fluorescent bulbs that are budget-friendly, while LED also provides energy savings, and the HID also offers high-powered lighting.

Nutrients: Nutrient intake the transformations while relying on having good growth. So have to refer to the manufacturer's feed chart for the terrific feeding schedule.

Grow Medium: By opting for the great growers, you can also opt between the soil and the soilless techniques, which include cocoa, sphagnum, peat, and much more.

Container: Growers can use a 6-gallon or smart pot for easy growing.

Cannabis Growth Stages

So after having the initial seedling stage, all cannabis seeds have specific growth stages that require a particular amount of nutrients to flourish greatly. Here are some of the great points of the cannabis plant's life cycle:

Vegetative Stage: This stage is when the plant will have the most growth. In this stage, it can also last for a few weeks or months. Therefore, by going for the light cycles, it should have 15-18 hours of light. So, the training methods can be utilized to level up the yield greatly.

Flowering Stage: In this stage, the plant needs to start the flowering stage, especially when the daylight hours are 12 and the night hours are also 12. It is an important factor in this stage that most well-qualified growers must consider more.

Flushing: In this stage, flushing is an optional step that involves a great water diet to completely flush the nutrients from the plant before you do the harvest process. So by flushing, it can be done up to two weeks before you do the harvest thing.

Harvest And Drying: Where most of the plants have turned into a darker color, it is time to harvest it. So, you need to cut off the branches and keep them in a cool, dry space for about a week to lower the extra dampness in the buds. Usually, all the plants are ready when the stems also manufacture an audible snap when it is broken up.

Trimming And Curing: Curing and trimming play a crucial role in permitting them to enhance their aroma and the plant's flavor. So, it will take up to a few days and also need frequent maintenance to release the evaporation and enhance the plant's freshness.

Is Your Cannabis Plant Male Or Female?

If you're growing from a regular seed, you will want to closely monitor your plant's growth development after about six weeks. If you're growing from feminized seeds, you won't need to worry about checking for males since feminized seeds only produce female plants. If you're interested in sexing cannabis plants, here's what to look for:

Female: Female plants form pistillate hairs that signal cannabis budding. They are white in the early stages and eventually turn darker orange, red, or brown.

Males: Males form pollen sacs that look like little balls without hair. Immediately remove these plants from your garden if you find them and want to produce the most amount of flower buds.


Now you must know how to grow the weed from the seed and the vital methods you must consider. So, if you are planning to grow, go with the magic melon autoflower seeds, which are super easy, affordable, and fun to grow. So to follow up the right procedure, you must go through this complete guide.