Your Ultimate Guide on the details of Citradelic Sunset

Your Ultimate Guide on the details of Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset from Ethos Genetics is widely known for being a variant of the feminized cannabis variety. It is mainly a hybrid between two highly recognized varieties, Mandarin Sunset and Ghost Train Haze, that is responsible for recreating the psychedelic power of the Haze family and a potential mandarin citrus taste. Citradelic Sunset offers a rich flavor and a potential experience. 

This strain of cannabis shows a sturdy development with the intermodal distance that is medium-long, having ample lateral branching for the ease of SCROG cultivation. You can use SOG for cultivation while performing low pruning, and it reacts well to various substrates such as coconut or soil and in varied hydroponic or aeroponic cultivation systems.

Characteristics of Citradelic Sunset

Citradelic Sunset brings about a euphoric effect on flowering that produces larger buds, creating longer flower tails distributed throughout the entire plant. It is prepared for harvesting 60 to 70 days after its flowering with a profuse yield of about 500-600g per m2. They can be cultivated outdoors as they will be all set by October, offering greater yields above 800g for each plant.

It is known mainly for its distinctive taste and aroma containing a blend of terpenic, reminding us of all the times, from the prominent Sour Lime Margarita cocktail with the notes of citric orange to the not so common flavors of fruity jelly.

citradelic sunset

It generates a potential longer-lasting psychedelic, energetic, clear head effect with its rich content of THC levels that are about 25-30% similar to other potential Sativas. 

Varied phenotypes reveal a medium variability that generates various kinds of buds. Similarly, medium visibility is discovered in terms of its flavors and aromas. It is the best variety in making the right selections by retaining the specimen the way you like, although it is complicated since it will stand out as the best above other averages.


The term "sunset" used for this cannabis strain may give you the image of a warm red-orange shade; however, these buds are in the hues of bright lime-green with deeper undertones of purple. They often take the Indica-classic form of spades in terms of their shape, though a few grow in more shapes related to Sativa, like the peppers.

The harvesting is mainly done with the burnt orange pistils that wind their way throughout this bud. Additionally, these bear the fuzzy bright hair that you can spot with a coating of translucent crystal trichomes and a thick sticky layer of resin that surely makes you get sticky fingers.

Aroma & Flavor

Citradelic Sunset will hit your nose with a draconian blend of citrus, peppery spice, skunk, and sugar smell. The strong combination of zest and citrus reminds us of the brim of the box of Mexican tamarind candy or spicy margarita glass. 

However, the fine aroma of skunk and pine adds a balance to this blend with a tinge of cannabis flavor. The cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid. These buds have their brighter green shades with purple undertones scattered throughout.

Citradelic Sunset offers a refreshing aroma at a stroke that will make you wide awake. The plant has robust citric and floral notes, and the smell is quite strong, which indicates its potential. It mainly tastes similar to what you smell since it carries a layered mix of flavors. 

The luscious flavors include limes with sweet and tangy notes. The smoke will remind you of all kinds of citric flavors. The sweet citric taste washes off once inhaled, and it ends with an earthy aftertaste that hits you while you exhale. The cannabis strain is best used during the day or evening times.

Effects of Citradelic Sunset 

Citradelic Sunset is a strain of cannabis inducing the feeling of being wide awake, being innovative, uplifting vibes, and energized. It also aids in relieving several medical symptoms such as inflammation, depression, pain, insomnia, and seizures. The adverse effects that it brings along are the feeling of paranoia, dry mouth, and others.

This cannabis strain is well-suited to help with several medical conditions and symptoms due to its massive range of effects. It is considered to treat those suffering from depression, insomnia, or inflammation.

It is a powerful high-THC plant having various effects depending on the dose you take. It is the ideal medical cannabis strain that can help in curing several medical conditions and illnesses. It is also majorly known as an unforgettable psychedelic smoke.

It is best for medical and recreational uses and is suited for experienced smokers. The bud can make you giggle all over, and you will experience a feeling of euphoria.


If you are taking higher doses of this strain, you may end up in a haze. You should take a moderate dose to avoid the feeling of sluggishness or getting distracted if you wish to stay productive. Smoking the strain will render a euphoric feeling making you awake and well-stimulated. 

The hybrid even allows you to improve your energy, making it the best choice for staying awake. You will feel more focused and clear-headed while enjoying this smoke and getting the refreshing vibes. 

Several medical professionals have recommended this strain. It is good for you to use them in low doses. It is an effective treatment for people with ADHD and ADD since it has a calming and relaxing effect without sedating you. It has uplifting mood properties helping patients facing mood disorders along with depression. It is useful to manage chronic conditions such as migraine or joint pains. It is also effective as an anti-inflammatory to aid you in relieving joint pains, glaucoma, or muscle spasms. 

Growing Citradelic Sunset

Stretching is the main characteristic of Citradelic Sunset, and you should not allow it to scare you from topping it often; flowering takes place for nine to ten weeks. You can pop a few seeds and store some cutting around for later use. The buds are lime-green color, tall and super-strong. 

The strain grows well in hot and dry outdoor environments, especially when growing them in your home. The environment should be identical to the climate of the Mediterranean. Apply a hydroponic system to maximize its growth if you choose to grow them indoors, and you are sure to get average yields.

citradelic sunset

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Citradelic Sunset comes from which strain?

Citradelic Sunset is a strong Sativa-leaning strain known for delivering a clear and long-lasting feeling of high, being a cross between Mandarin Sunset and Ghost Train Haze.

  1. Is Citradelic sunset Sativa or Indica?

Sativa/Indica is balanced well in Citradelic Sunset as it offers tropical, exotic, and sour flavors. Cerebral effects are felt with lighter doses. Your mind will enter into a haze with higher doses where Mandarin Sunset becomes apparent. 

  1. Are there any adverse effects of Sativa?

The potential risks and side effects of Sativa are dry mouths, anxiety, and dizziness.

  1. Can psychosis be caused by Sativa?

According to evidence, it is seen that the use of Cannabis sativa is often associated with a greater risk of developing psychotic disorders.

  1. Is Citradelic a sunset?

Citradelic Sunset is a tasty and bright hybrid from Ethos Genetics. It is quite a new strain having younger parents and has not been in the market for long.

Ending notes

Citradelic Sunset is mainly considered a blend of Mandarin Sunset and Ghost Train Haze which leans primarily on Sativa strain known for offering high potential effects. The effects of Citradelic Sunset are extremely balanced in every aspect, hitting both body and mind equally. In the beginning, you will feel a tingly effect at the back of your neck and head that will spread through your mind filling it with a sense of euphoria and a touch of innovative vibes!