Complete Guide On How To Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Complete Guide On How To Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds come in a plethora of varieties that have been recently gaining more popularity over the few decades to improve the quality of the breeds that will create better new strains. To buy autoflowering cannabis seeds, you need to consider a few essential steps from germination to harvest action. In addition, these seeds are new to the world of cannabis cultivation. 

Such autoflowering plants do not completely rely on the transformations to get good flowering; instead, they only depend on a unique set of triggers and the flower that entirely depends on the age and the size. 

What is Cannabis ruderalis?

Cannabis ruderalis is the third type of species of cannabis that is mostly found in the latitudes of the northern hemisphere, in some of the countries which mainly include low cannabinoid levels, hardiness, and cold resistance, and you also need to take care of the light cycles according to the age and the size that you want. 

The growth of the seeds also depends on the climate as they would either grow greatly or will lose their growth, so it is advised to flower and seed; it is a short period process, and you do not have to wait until the light rays drop at the initial stage of the flowering. In addition, when it frosts, it has already set in, and the temperature will become more unfavorable. Moreover, if the plants have manufactured a few branches and reached up to that level of height, like 60cm, that means it will start to flower again. 

Qualities of C. ruderalis include:

  • There are some short vegetative periods and short flowering periods
  • It is not reliable on the light to start the great flowering
  • It is also tough and resistant to frost in the cold times
  • Lastly, you can easily find an equal equator higher than the latitudes. 

What Are Commercial Autos and Super-Autos?

Over the previous few decades, there have been numerous breeders that have experimented with the great ruderalis genetics that is highly required, high cannabinoid seeds to manufacture some of the functional autoflowering hybrids greatly. In addition, the extent level played a vital role in beautifully developing the seeds. Moreover, in contrast, you can also go for the ruderalis type found in most countries. Moreover, all these types of different seeds are available in the market. 

However, different strains have always led to different development processes ranging from higher potency seeds known as the super autos. Moreover, super autos are much taller and busier than a standard size, and the ruderalis is also much higher in height, about 90-100cm. 

Autoflowering Plants Do Not Need Darkness

As autoflowering plants, they are reliable on the transformations that will grow up the flowering. They are successful by utilizing a lighting cycle vital for any seed growth. Moreover, several growers cultivate all their autos. Still, several growers can believe that it will consume more electricity which needs to be cut down with no reduction in the final yield. 

There is also a probability that the great process of hormonal and metabolic occur in the darkness, which will help in permitting all the plants to have updated health and vigor. However, you would not know there is no strong evidence that you need to show, especially in the case of autoflowering cannabis seeds. 

Autos Can Be Grown Outdoors Year-Round

For growing the strains, it is important to have a warm climate that would suit outdoor growing. This possibility for germinating autoflowering seeds is countless. Moreover, it takes 9-10 weeks to harvest the seeds as it is possible to do the harvest action at least once a year. If you see the conditions are very hard for the plants to tolerate, then only you need to perform this process. 

If you are sufficiently to live in a mild to warm climate suitable for outdoor growing, the possibilities for germinating autoflowering strains are endless. Taking as little as 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest, it is possible to get the harvests or more every year if conditions are favorable year-round.

However, it is also significant to make sure that the autos are completely well established from purchasing the reputable seeds at the budget-friendly price, so you must consider that it should be longer than stated. Furthermore, even the autos have the longest strains you can grow outdoors. It will still be the grower's favorable conditions compared to photoperiod-dependent plants when we talk about the conditions to grow them on time. 

Can You Clone Autoflowering Plants?

It is the toughest time in cloning the autos that have already led to autoflowering the cannabis seeds, which cannot be cloned; it also depends on the age at the same time as that will start to flower at its best. Moreover, it is more logical that the trimming will not reach a functional size, and the field will also be negligible. 

The vital need if you are going to attempt to clone the autoflowering plants, then you need to cut the branches only. In addition, these lower branches are much more stable compared to the newer growth at the top of the plant. Moreover, it is also known as the apical meristem; the primary part of the plant receives the great signal that you need time to flower it. Some of the information will take some time to take downwards and signal all the lower branches to flower beautifully. 

However, many growers believe in the success you get by cloning their autos and permitting them to continue to germinate in vegetative mode until and unless there are also most of the extensive like their mother. Therefore, once they reach that level extent of size, you can start to flower your seeds greatly. 

Once you finish the cuttings, you should keep them under intense light with damp conditions until and unless they are completely rooted. Moreover, you can also undergo great growth as they have already reached the size of their mother and will also help manufacture the final harvests. 

When Do Autoflowers Flower?

For most plants, including regular cannabis strains, a gene controls photoperiod dependency and response. Obviously, in autoflowering plants, this gene is lacking, meaning the plant does not flower in response to changes in the circadian rhythm.

Scientists still don't know which gene is responsible for flowering with autoflowering varieties. However, we know that, in this case, flowering is triggered by age rather than changes in light. Most autoflowers will begin to flower between 6 and 8 weeks after planting.

How Long Do Autoflowers Take from Seed to Harvest?

Given that autoflowering varieties are generally still a new initiative in cannabis genetics, the time between seed and harvest can vary greatly. Generally, a good autoflowering variety should be ready to harvest within 11 weeks of planting. With that being said, this is only sometimes the case.


These are some points you must remember while growing cannabis seeds at your place. Suppose you are looking to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds. In that case, this guide will be very helpful in paving you in the right direction and telling you how you can grow good quality seeds fabulously without any hassle.