Emerald Fire OG Autoflower: Must-Know Facts On Autoflowering Seeds

Emerald Fire OG Autoflower: Must-Know Facts On Autoflowering Seeds

You should understand that there are quite a few options when shopping for cannabis seeds. Breeders are offering autoflowering and feminized seeds more than ever, like the Emerald Fire OG Autoflower seed. These are the feminized seeds generating the female plant, which is the kind that produces the psychoactive cannabis flower, which several people are in love with and understand. However, what do you understand by the autoflowering cannabis seeds and how they work? Are they worth the real deal here?

You should understand several things about auto-flower weed seeds, so you should continue reading them to find out.

What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis seeds that start flowering whenever the plant has reached a few specific development phases. It is quite the opposite of photoperiod flowering, where the plant starts flowering after the summer solstice. The photoperiod flowering plants require a few weeks of long nights before they start flowering.

It is mainly during the late summers and the early autumns, with the red light wavelengths from the sun becoming highly abundant. The red light is mainly packed with loads of energy required to develop complex flowers.

During the springtime, the blue light wavelengths become higher predominant. The plants depend on blue light to start prospering during this vegetative growth period.

How do Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Operate?

As already mentioned the photoperiod plants only starts flowering under specific light conditions where they flower during the distinctive photoperiod being determined by the number of hours of sunlight versus the entire number of dark hours. Several indoor growers are placing the plants on the restricted 12/12 lighting schedules where about 12 hours of complete darkness.

The operation of these autoflowering seeds is entirely different, where the breeders start developing the strains to start flowering automatically whenever the plant reaches its specific size. As an outcome, several autoflowering plants are all geared up for harvesting in the period of 10 weeks while the flowering often starts in just a couple of weeks.

Facts to Know About the Autoflowering Seeds

The following are the distinctive facts about autoflowering seeds; therefore, let us dive right in:

  • What is Meant by Cannabis Ruderalis and its Link With the Autoflowers

Cannabis ruderalis is the primary element in the autoflowering variety, which is put simply with the putative of the third specific or the subspecies of this cannabis. It is generally found across the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, and an instance of this type of place is generally found across Russia. The cannabis ruderalis is mainly known for its smaller stature with the lower cannabinoids or CBD levels, the resistance to cold, and hardiness. The other thing included here is its tendency to flower over irrespective of the light cycles that prevail, offering the right type of growth across the specific age and size.

There is a rising argument among scientists about whether it ought to get classified being the species of its kind or the subspecies of the cannabis sativa or the cannabis Indica. Researches show that C.Ruderalis is a species of its kind and is the sister species to C. Indica and C. Sativa.

The cannabis ruderalis has a smaller vegetative period and a small flowering period. While it depends entirely on the light cycles for starting this flowering, it is extremely hardy and resistant to colder climates and frosting. Lastly, it is mainly found at the 50°N of the equator or the higher latitudes.

  • Understanding the Commercial & Super Autos

The breeders have experimentally crossed the cannabis ruderalis with several other desirable higher cannabinoid strains for availing the commercially useful autoflowering hybrids over time. One of the initial plants being used was considered the Mexican Rudy. At the same time, it is being combined to offer the initial commercial autoflowering strain, which is considered the Low Ryder.

There are successful generations to start crossing, which led to the higher development of the range of greater potency of the strains. The initial set of autos even included the LowRyder. At the same time, they were generally quite smaller in stature than the super autos that arrived later, which were quite bushier and taller than the standard ones, while they would even get to the height of 100 cm compared to the commercial autos of 45cm.

  • Autoflowering Plants do not Require Darkness.

Autoflowering plants never depend on the light cycle, with the changes adhering to the start of flowering. The schedules work whenever it is between 16/8 to 24/0 lighting. Better suggestions are included across a few specific metabolisms that take place during the darkness, increasing the vigor and health of the plant. But, there is no such evidence to back up this theory.

  • Autoflowers Grow Outdoors Throughout the Year.

If you plan on planting them in warmer regions, there is a greater probability that they will start growing outdoors throughout the year. They generally take about 8-10 weeks to prepare up. You can attain the five harvests every year whenever these conditions are favorable in this specific time frame. These autoflowers are hardy and are able to grow whenever the temperature reaches above the freezing point in that specific timeframe.

Always ensure that you get seeds from reliable vendors by visiting and patronizing the seed shops to meet the autoflowering seeds required since they are of top-notch quality.

  • How to Start Cloning Autoflowering Plants?

Cloning the autoflowers is quite tough and a complicated procedure where a few individuals consider them to become impossible entirely since they believe that cutting them from the mother plant will not help them reach a better size where the yield is hardly negligible.

On the other hand, a couple of growers believe it is entirely achievable and have strolled ahead with successful cloning through the autos. Since the cloning, they had even allowed them to continue the mode of vegetation till they attained growth like that of their mother plant. They even attained their maximum size and started to flower with the entire passage of time.

The key takeaway is that whenever you start the cloning process, you should start taking the cuttings out of the lower branches. These lower branches are more highly stable hormonally than their counterparts at the top. Furthermore, once these cuttings are taken they are retained in the lower lights across the moist conditions till they have got rooted.

  • When does Flowering Happen in Autoflowers?

The regular strains of cannabis are mostly like plants having great genes controlling the photoperiod dependencies and the responses. But, in the autoflowers, the gene is absent, which means that the autoflowers are not responding to the changes in the circadian rhythm while flowering.

It is, however, not known where the gene is mainly responsible for flowers in the autoflowering stage. However, one thing is certain here the flowering stage gets triggered within the autoflowers through age instead of the light changes. As an outcome, most autoflowers start flowering between six to eight weeks after planting.

  • The Autoflowers Take Time to Harvest Seeds

The time taken from the seeds to start harvesting varies greatly among the several variants of the autoflowers as these are quite new. But the best variety of the autoflower should prepare for harvesting in just ten weeks.

There are reports for the autoflowers that it takes about 18 weeks to start harvesting from the seeds. It had greatly attributed to the instabilities of the unreliable seeds from unreliable retailers. It is why you require the proper plug for the seeds, as you should start procuring your autoflower seeds from the reputed seeds banks since they are highly reliable in offering the best.


Autoflowering seeds like Emerald Fire OG Autoflower are the latest sensation as you should become the current one across the recent advancements made, mainly if you are a cannabis grower. The aspects discussed above regarding the seeds will surely prove helpful to you.