Excellent Reasons To Grow Magic Melon Autoflower

Excellent Reasons To Grow Magic Melon Autoflower

Do you know what the reasons are for growing up autoflowering cannabis? You must know that there are few choices while shopping for cannabis seeds. Multiple breeders provide more autoflowering and feminized seeds, like the magic melon autoflower seed. These are known as the feminized seeds germinating the female plant, which in the end, produces the cannabis flower. It is a special type of flowering that is the opposite of photoperiod flowering, where the plant starts flowering after summer. However, what do you understand by the autoflowering cannabis seeds, and how do they work? 

To understand the multiple things about the auto flower seeds, you must continue reading to get the full knowledge on this very clearly.

What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis seeds that start flowering whenever the plant has reached a few specific development stages. What do you mean by the photoperiod flowering plants? The photoperiod flowering plants need a few weeks before they start flowering in a beautiful one. 

This plant is mainly grown during the late summers; they are not grown in the daylight as the sun's rays will destroy the plant's growth. The sun's red light comes with loaded energy that will destroy the texture of the plants and cause a problem in flowering uprightly. During the springtime, the blue light wavelengths become higher predominant, and the plants depend on blue light to start prospering during this vegetative growth period.

If you don't know, autoflowering strains come in two breeding types: regular indica and sativa. But have you ever heard of ruderalis? That is a family of cannabis found in the colder regions across the globe, with the help of mixing the autoflowering properties of ruderalis into several indica and sativa strains of the cannabis seeds that results from maintaining all the earnings of your favourite strains. It will help in adding the benefit to age-based flowering. 


Do you know what the advantages of growing up autoflowering cannabis seeds are? Some of the chances of the point that you might have come across through the growing up autoflower cannabis seeds. The new genetics has much to provide and benefit both novices and veterans by germinating this plant. 


Autoflowering cannabis seeds do not rely on light cycles to direct their flowering, and they can grow anytime during the year, so you don't have to stress seasonal changes. Moreover, it also offers novice growers a big advantage, permitting them to get a solid grip on growing cannabis seeds. 


It is not like the other side, which will take more time to produce the results very fast, by growing up autoflowering seeds, will produce results instantly. They can go from seed to harvest in like 8-10 weeks, permitting constant and rapid production to get fresh earnings. Also, they provide the same level of earnings as a normal strain. 

However, it is very much crucial to balance up the earnings you have made. Some of the flowering strains do not earn as much as the normal strains since they produce flowers more quickly, unlike these normal strains that take their time to grow slowly in normal strain. It also means you get more regular harvests, making it possible to establish a regular flow of bud without further installations such as separate rooms.


Do you think that growing up autoflowering cannabis is resilient? Due to the ruderalis heritage, this type of seed is resilient to colds, infections, and pests. It makes the autoflowering strains mainly suitable to grow in colder regions worldwide. Furthermore, if the weather is not that cold, they can still be grown outdoors in the winter. 


Unlike other strains, this type of seed is very suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. It happens because it is entirely based on flowering; autoflowering strains of cannabis seeds are very suitable for both places for cultivation. Especially when indoors, place your plants under light for 18/6, and when outdoors, you must plant them and leave them to it. It could be very much easier for you to grow up easily. 


By adopting for autoflowering cannabis seeds, it makes growing even simpler. Due to their ease, they are the topmost choice of several veteran and commercial growers. For your information, growing up require less maintenance during their life cycle and are very resilient in tough conditions. 

Unlike the photoperiod stage, autoflowering plants don't need a transformation in a light cycle of flowers. The flowering starts with just a few weeks of vegetation. It means that the growers can keep their plants under the light from which the seed is harvested, giving them one less thing to stress about. 


Autoflowering strains have come a long way; after discovering the autoflowering trait within the cannabis ruderalis, all the growers made progress by crossing them with the indica and sativa specimens. Moreover, this also gives rise to what we now consider the old-school autoflowering strains. 

These varieties featured an extraordinarily fast-growing cycle compared to photoperiod strains, charging from seed to harvest in 8–10 weeks. However, this speed came with a trade-off. These strains possessed much lower THC levels than photoperiods of the time, alongside much smaller yields.

Today, some growers are still scraed to cultivate these seeds for fear of sub-par harvests; but there's no reason to be worried. New-school autos on the modern market possess THC levels and yield matching many photoperiod strains while maintaining their economy.


These were some of the fantastic reasons why you must grow up the autoflowering seeds. You can also opt for the magic melon autoflower, the feminized seeds germinating the female plant, producing the cannabis flower at the end. Therefore, you must consider these crucial points before you grow autoflower cannabis seeds.