Grimm Brother's Seeds: How to Detect the Quality of the Seeds

Grimm Brother's Seeds: How to Detect the Quality of the Seeds

Every cultivator understands how critical it is to determine the quality of the seed that influences the growth results. Getting the duds will prevent them from sprouting. There are a couple of bad seeds which germinate but do not reach their potential yields. It is vital to understand to tell whether the Grimm Brothers' Seeds are good if you wish your cultivating efforts are paying off.

Join us as we start exploring the features of the seeds and how to differentiate between the good and the bad ones. We will also show you the best way to start selecting the right vendor and where you can buy quality seeds so that you get value for money and a great harvest.

Let us now start by answering the questions about what a good weed seed appears like!

How to Tell Whether the Weed Seed is Good or Not?

If you are buying your seeds from a reputable seed bank, you can surely get quality seeds almost every time. You are more than likely to get poor seeds from your local dealers. But, if you understand how to tell whether the marijuana seed is good, then you can rule out the bad ones instantly.

One of the best ways to start judging the quality of cannabis seeds is by checking out their appearances. Always be aware, though, that the seeds from the same plant can have their own distinctive characteristics, just like the human siblings. The quality of the seeds, however, will visually differ.

Let us now find out how to tell whether the marijuana seed is good or not. Here are a couple of signs you can look out for:

  • Aesthetics

The appearance of the weed seeds indicates their quality. Generally, the outer shells of high-quality cannabis seeds have darker shades such as brown, black, or grey. Avoid the seeds with lighter colors such as pale green, white or yellow.

The top-quality cannabis seeds will never have damaged shells as they will never crack and expose the interior part of the seed. You will also notice the healthier waxy coating when you check out the seeds under brighter light.

It is never a reliable indicator of the quality of the seed, although the appearance is offered as a guide.

  • Shape and Size

The healthier marijuana seeds might differ in their sizes; however, they appear similar in terms of shape as they are round or shaped symmetrically in the form of a teardrop. The bad-quality seeds generally have flat or deformed shells.

The size of the seeds varied between every cultivar. There are the larger ones that grow easily since they have a good amount of energy stored, potentially turning out into healthier plants.

The weight of the seed matters, too, when evaluating the quality of the marijuana seeds. If there are two seeds and the weight of the smaller one is more than that, the bigger seed, then the better quality is the former one. The bigger seeds are lighter since it loses their moisture and nutrients while aging.

  • Firmness

The darker high-quality cannabis seeds are quite hard whenever you touch them. Squeeze them with your index finger and thumb in order to feel the firmness of the shell of the seed without excessive pressure. It is viable if the seed does not bend or crack.

The bad marijuana seeds are mainly soft or supple. It can save you effort and time if you identify them and exclude them during the onset.

  • Age

The cannabis seeds start degrading over time, and therefore it is vital to pick the freshly harvested ones, which are about four months old. Healthy marijuana seeds stay viable for quite a while if you are preserving them adequately.

It is quite not possible to know the age of the seed unless it is from your own plant. You probably have no idea about the age of the seed unless you are purchasing them from a reputed seed bank known for its quality genetics while buying the seeds. Check out the data they are offering.

  • Float test

The instant way to separate the viable seeds from the bad marijuana seeds is by performing a float test when you have inspected the seeds by touch and sight. Fill up the glass using distilled water and drop in the seeds which you are planning to germinate.

After an hour, check them out. Always germinate the seeds which sink, as most of the growers will dispose of the floaters while they probably do not sprout. It is very unlikely to get a healthy plant if you wish to know how to tell if these seeds are quickly viable or not, only by using a float test.

  • Experiment

There would be instances where you might not have enough time to inspect every seed for its viability, germinating every seed and watching whatever happens. You can place them in soil or use other germinating methods. The seedling quality will inform you that you have used healthier marijuana seeds.

The primary challenge here is to get your precious time wasted using the methods since you will only get to check out the results when the germination process gets over.

What does a Healthy Marijuana Seed Look Like?

There are varied ways to determine the viability of the seeds. One way is by checking out the color of the seeds, as the healthier marijuana seeds are specifically brown with varied shades ranging from light to dark. You might even come across seeds with tiger stripes or the patterns of the turtle shell.

The color of the seeds might change due to genetics or environmental conditions, as they are healthier if they stay in range. It is while they are displaying the greenish shade that you have a reason for concern.

They are not bad marijuana seeds; however, the green hues are primarily the sign that the seeds did not have much time to develop in a proper way. There is a greater risk that these seeds will stop germinating.

The other way of identifying the healthier Grimm Brothers seeds is to check out the weight and size. If they meet the criterion of color, bigger seeds are healthier since they get packed with energy and nutrients. But, you might have smaller seeds that are viable if they weigh more than their massive counterparts.

The healthier marijuana seeds generally have a body shaped like a teardrop. If you notice the seeds which are distorted or flat, they might have a genetic flaw. You will face several issues in terms of germinating them, and if they are sprouting, they will generate plants that are below par.

The other clue that will reveal healthier marijuana is the shell's appearance. Good seeds have shinier appearing shells as there is a layer of wax included. Avoid the seeds which appear dull or have a matte finish.

Tips on How to Get High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

You need to start growing high-quality cannabis seeds if you wish to have healthier marijuana plants. The sub-par seeds only lead you to wastage of time and money since they won't germinate. When they are doing so, you end up with crops that do not live up to their potential.

Getting high-quality cannabis seeds might not be tricky as the way you might think, as here are a couple of tips to enhance your odds of having seeds that offer you the crops and yields you want.

  • Choose the Right Supplier.

Buying your seeds from a reputed seed bank is the most reliable way to make sure that you are getting quality marijuana seeds. Most of the vendors take a lot of pride in them to offer customers the best quality seeds. Homegrown offers replacement seeds if they fail at germinating.

You would have a massive range of cannabis seeds to make your pick from. These are the seed banks that most likely have the strain that you want. A few might have enough hard time finding ones.

  • Get Professional Advice

Whenever you are buying high-quality cannabis seeds, you aim to understand a lot about them as possible. There are reputed sellers who have their own weed experts preparing detailed information about the seeds and answering the questions.

These are the professionals advising you about the kind of seeds that are suitable for your cultivation goals. You do not require figuring it out on your own if you should start growing the regular, autoflower, or feminized seeds.

  • Create Your Own Seeds

You might start creating high-quality cannabis seeds if you wish to; however, it will take some knowledge regarding the subject. Here you need to start pollinating the flowers of the cannabis crop. To get this done, you require the male part of the plant to send the pollen to the female-bearing flowers.

Most of the plants have female and male parts except the plants grown from feminized seeds. If you wish to produce your own quality marijuana seeds, then you should pick the regular ones.

Ensure you understand the weed laws of your state before you act on this knowledge. There are a couple of states who still prohibit the cultivation of cannabis at home. Never despair if yours is one of them. It does not mean that you are not able to grow pot or buy quality marijuana seeds.

Parting Thoughts

After you are done identifying the quality Grimm Brother's seeds by feel and sight, you are able to rule out the bad ones before you start germinating them. There is no experimenting involved which is a complete waste of your time.

If you are not sure about ways to inspect the seeds in a proper manner, you can use the float test. It is the easiest thing to do as it separates the seeds that germinate from the ones that do not.

It comes as a no-brainer to get top-quality cannabis seeds which are to buy them from a reputable seed bank such as ours. You will get assurance for the premium-grade seeds about 100% of the time. We will even replace the ones that fail to work.