Lovin in Her Eyes Seeds: The Best Guide to Harvest Cannabis

Lovin in Her Eyes Seeds: The Best Guide to Harvest Cannabis

It is the time now that your cannabis plant has reached the peak of its maturity, and it is the time now you should harvest it right. So, what would you do here? The process of harvesting lovin in her eyes seeds is almost the same whether you use hydroponics or dirt in your growth operation.

Our guide today will help you harvest marijuana plants in the best ways. Let us get started!

When Should You Harvest Cannabis?

Understanding when you should harvest Cannabis depends entirely on a couple of factors. One of the main factors involved in whether you grow Cannabis indoors or outdoors. You will attain greater control over the growth cycle when you grow them indoors using the grow tent and lights.

The other major factor is the photoperiod vs. the autoflower seeds. There are cannabis plants that are photoperiod. These would grow based on the hours of light they are getting, and they would enter the vegetative stage when they get more than 12 hours of light and start to flower whenever there are less than 12 hours of light.

It would mean that the outdoor Cannabis will have around 12 weeks of vegetation and ten weeks of flowering. People often grow Cannabis indoors, which appears like photoperiod seeds since you can reduce their growing times by as little as three months.

If you are living in the Northern Hemisphere and growing outdoors using photoperiod seeds, then the general cannabis harvest season is in October. But, there are several cannabis growers in these rainy regions during the Pacific Northwest to pick harvesting earlier before the rain starts falling. Rain and other environmental factors cause outdoor plants to mold. When harvesting outdoor Cannabis, you should pay special attention to the weather conditions.

However, you should check out the strain if you have an autoflower plant. The autoflower seeds would start to initiate flowering after a specific time as it depends on this strain. Several outdoor growers prefer autoflower seeds since you are generally getting two growths of the autoflower plants in one growing season.

You should inspect the specific strain if you grow autoflower Cannabis. Several seeds will offer you an estimated growth time. Additionally, you should directly observe the plant for maturity signs. The rest test to this harvest time would lie within these resin glands.

How Would you Know if Cannabis is Prepared to Harvest?

We understand you are eager enough; however, harvesting earlier would affect your end product's potency. The real harvest window is around five to seven days. The last things your plant is developing are the trichomes, which will develop clear trichomes as the plant starts ripening.

These smaller THC crystals make the colas appear sticky to the touch. The trichomes become kief whenever they are falling off from the bud. Several terpenes and cannabinoids of the plant would develop in the trichomes; therefore, it is important to offer them a lot of time to mature completely.

You need to leach your plant for ten to fourteen days as it is reaching its maturity peak. It would mean you are flushing it with the reverse of plain osmosis water. There are a few growers who are using special flushing solutions. Leaching for ten to fourteen days before harvesting will clear out the taste of the fertilizer. The end product has a weird chemical taste when you smoke it if you are not leaching your plant.

Before harvesting, stop watering the plant for a day or two; you need the soil to dry. You will not have to dig up the roots while harvesting to have clear space before placing anything in this dirt again.

Signs of Cannabis Maturity

So, do you have a complete proof method to know when your plant is prepared to harvest? You can grab the mini microscope or a magnifying glass to inspect the cannabis flower. There are a couple of new smartphone models with a good camera to suffice if you do not have one either. You should check out the following:

  • You might see some amber or milky white trichomes
  • 90% of the little hair or pistils you are noticing on the plants have transformed from white to yellow
  • The bud mass did not increase in the past couple of days.

You should keep in mind that you aim to leach your plants before they are preparing to chop them down. Therefore, you should start leaching when the trichomes are milky white, and the pistils are around 50 to 70% yellow.

Leaching is great and almost the same whether you are using dirt or hydroponics for the cultivation of Cannabis. You should stop to offer the nutrients that week before harvesting it. A few sets of nutrients have a unique formula; however, plain water works adequately fine.

How To Prepare for Harvesting Marijuana

Stay aware that the process is quite sticky and smelly. The leaves of the chopped plant would leave a lot of odor. You will need to ensure that you have a well-ventilated area for harvesting and hanging it up for drying.

You should put around some plastic at the entrance to grow lovin in her eyes seeds, open up the windows and burn some incense to mitigate the aroma if you grow in an apartment. You need the drying and trimming areas properly ventilated. Ensure you know where to hang your plants before chopping them down.

The process takes a couple of hours, so you should keep aside a lot of time. Recruit your friends if they can help you. You should even put on a movie or podcast, so you are not bored. It will take a while.

You need to plan the ways you are going to get everything cleaned. The buds will start molding if you leave everything sitting out.

If you harvest different marijuana strains, ensure that you have separate labeled spaces for harvesting the cannabis buds. Else everything ends up in a mixed pile of junk.

How To Harvest Your Cannabis Plants

It is easier to start harvesting Cannabis as it is very easy; however, it is a bit time-consuming. The following is the fundamental run-down of the cannabis harvesting process:

  • You need to cut down the entire plant or chop off the bigger branches as you take your lobber of pruning saw.
  • Trim off the fan leaves and hang the plant to dry if you are dry trimming
  • Manicure the buds and then hang up the plant to dry if you are wet trimming
  • Clean it up.
  • Of course, it's a bit more complex than that. But if you get lost in the details, refer back to those 3 steps.
  • For sure, it is a bit more complex. However, if you start getting lost in the details, you should refer back to the three steps.
  • Place some newspaper so you can set down the individual plants or branches. It becomes very sticky; placing it on the ground can pick up dust or dirt.

Harvesting Leaves

Harvesting leaves are generally two types: sugar and fan leaves. The fan leaves are normally the bigger ones that strike a mind if someone mentions the pot leaves. Fan leaves are useful within the compost piles if you use the compost as a fertilizer.

Cutting off the whole leaf where the stem meets the plant stock is important during harvesting the fan leaves. You can place them in a plastic or paper bag with an open top and throw them away if you do not intend to compost the fan leaves.

The sugar leaves sticky little leaves that you should trim off the bud before you smoke it. It consists of several trichomes, which you can use to make it concentrate or edible. You need to choose whether to wet trim or dry trim your buds.

Harvesting Buds

You should decide whether you wish to do a wet or dry trimming before cutting down the plants. Several growers would prefer wet trimming since it consumes less time for the wet-trimmed buds to dry. If you are investing in an auto-trimmer, you can start dry trimming your buds in a fraction of the time where it takes a lot of time to wet trim the buds by hand.

You need to cut off the branch, manicure the cola or not, and hang them upside down for drying for harvesting the cannabis buds. Manicuring is the easiest way to get it done by hand whenever the leaves are still supple. Gloving up will help you take a smaller pair of shears and remove every sweet leaf on the bud. A lot of resin builds up on the scissors and glove.

Several growers would like to scrape that and save this finger hash. With it being said, you would have to rub alcohol to continue the scissors to work.

You generally have the individual buds falling off the colas here and there, and it is extremely normal as you need to put those in wherever you store the sweet leaf. In this drying process, the buds would shrink by around 10 to 15% since they lose a lot of water. Drying normally takes five to seven days, after which you should start storing the buds in the glass jars for two weeks to cure them.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know the best time for harvesting Cannabis would depend on varied factors, including whether the crop is growing indoors or outdoors. When you buy the lovin in her eyes seeds, the real harvest time will lie within this resin gland, and the ideal period is around five to seven days.