Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Your Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

What is the type of strain required by a beginner? A few might say that every future grower might face a difficult road ahead and that avoiding challenges in growing does not make much sense. However, this type of approach works well for someone. But most newbies who buy autoflowering cannabis seeds  should know how to grow them.

It is entirely normal to get started with something easier. But, even the autoflowering seeds are not something you can place in the soil and forget about it for long months. These unique strains have pros and cons, intriguing histories, and distinct characteristics.

Autoflowering Strains – What Are They?

Experienced cannabis growers know about growing regular high-quality strains that involve a lot of care and dedication. Ten seconds of lighting in the growth space at the wrong time starts spoiling everything, irrespective of how hard you tried to get things done correctly. It is explained by the fact that light greatly impacts the photoperiod plant.

If you are aiming to grow plants outdoors, they are not only super sensitive to the weather but also becomes a source of light. For instance, the light in your neighbor's window destroys the crop. The massive benefit of these autoflowering strains is that they get unaffected by the lighting, at least not as much as the regular strains. You might not trigger the flowering while it is often automatic.

Every autoflowers have a single predecessor, the prominent Cannabis ruderalis being the close relative of the classic cannabis plant generating tetrahydrocannabinol. Ruderalis had given birth to the autoflowering strains having extremely smaller buds that have the lowest concentration of THC however they still have a single yet distinctive advantage. They flower right after sprouting, irrespective of the length of the day.

Some breeders have understood that the plant has great potential and started working to create new autoflowering strains, which consist of the older tetrahydrocannabinol. However, we cannot say that there is a massive discovery that has changed the entire world of cannabis instantly. Frankly speaking, the outcomes of the initial breeders simply got frustrating. There were relatively successful experiments that were made during the 90s.

The initial autoflowering plant known as Lowryder might be since it had some amazingly lower concentration of the older tetrahydrocannabinol. The reason behind the autoflowering strains has finally attained a lot of popularity which is a massive work done by the growers. The initial autoflowers had a bit of potency, and growing them made a lot of sense neither for the consumers growing cannabis on their own nor for the producers.

A few modern autoflowering strains have amazingly higher levels of THC, mainly compared to their predecessors. A greater number of seeds of varied strains are being sold and bought by people who wish to start growing or try something much more innovative and interesting.

Advantages Of Autoflowering Seeds

Surely, the autoflowering seeds form the ideal option for beginners who are unsure that they can keep a watch over the plants over longer periods. However, it does not mean that everything is in line. Therefore, we will allow us to consider everything that we have mentioned earlier while analyzing a couple of downsides of growing autoflowering seeds.

Benefits of Choosing Autoflowers

Why are autoflowering seeds gaining so much popularity? The following are a couple of vital reasons:

  • The seeds are also grown outdoors. Furthermore, it is grown in most climates where experienced growers understand the best time to plant the cannabis which is the springtime, since it takes just about 5 months of the best weather before the arrival of fall. The best weather for growing cannabis is warmer months, however not the wet months. They start growing their plants during the warm winter and sunny summer. It is good for the ones who wish to produce a lot of weed in a shorter time.
  • You need not reduce the lighting to understand the thought process of the plant in the middle of September. Cannabis is not caring much about light even while they are cultivated outdoors, and it would make growing easier. Therefore it is better for beginners, mainly those who wish to get a couple of harvests during a single season.
  • If you plan on growing the initial plants at home, you can attain better results when you expect something rapidly. Whenever they get cultivated indoors, it takes only 3 months for them to finish their maturation.
  • These are smaller plants, which is vital for the newbies who wish to try growing their initial yield. The beginners are not renting out the larger areas or having separate rooms for cannabis as it is often growing massively. Furthermore, even those who wish to grow cannabis outside of this will appreciate it. The smaller plants are ideal for retaining privacy, at least when you understand that the neighbors are not discussing whatever they are trying to get done in their backyard.
  • The cannabis plants create bigger buds in a shorter time than regular strains.
  • Whenever you buy regular seeds, you inevitably grow a few specific parts of the male plants, which is how nature works. But, if you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can ensure that you will only avail those buds since they are feminized.

Rules of Growing Autoflower Strains

Although these seeds are often known as autoflowers, it does not mean that they grow on their own. It requires their preparation, equipment, and skills. Furthermore, there are a couple of beginners who often forget that autoflowering starts irrespective of preparedness. A beginner not following the rules starts spoiling everything, even with the easy-to-grow strains. However, if you follow the recommendations and sequences mentioned below, you can get your initial copy sooner without much difficulty.

Tip #1. Never Underestimate the Power of Training

What do you understand by plant training? To speak generally, it involves the manipulation of the cannabis plant physically to make it generate a larger yield. Simply put, allowing the plant to grow naturally is extremely opposite.

There are two main categories for cannabis training techniques, which involve low and high-stress training. You can top the plant after you have witnessed three nodes to make a better canopy pulling the plant down to its sideways while stimulating the upward growth. But, if you check out the plant that starts flowering, never stop it.

Tip #2. Consider the Moisture Level and Temperature

As we have noted, several beginners are selecting the autoflowering strains since they are easier to grow outdoors. The growers should never worry about the light cycles to start the plant earlier, for instance, during September or March.

However, there are some other features to consider; although the lighting is never important, the grower might have to maintain the proper temperatures and keep an eye on the moisture levels. The cold snaps, along with the heavier rains, spoil everything, which is why several growers are using greenhouses.

Tip #3. Do Not Overfeed it

We have already witnessed that the plants are smaller compared to the regular strains, which is why they do not get fed heavily. Furthermore, they are not spending much time in the vegetative cycle. Certainly, it does not mean that the grower should never feed the plant, and the number of nutrients is reduced significantly.

Tip #4. Consider the Characteristics of Autoflowers When Harvesting

The autoflowers are entirely different from the regular strains in several things that, including the canopies. Autoflowering strains are not having one since they do not have sufficient time to develop it. As a result, you can gradually start harvesting them.

Tip #5. Optimize the Growing Process

People growing the autoflowering strains start optimizing the cultivation process to avail greater yield in a short time. They need to get a couple of things done. Why not pop out the seeds before harvesting the autoflowers? It will allow them to grow non-stop; however, this approach works only for those who are turning the growth process into a hobby that might also be a job.

How And Where Can I Buy Autoflowering Seeds?

Finding a reputable seed band is the fastest and most convenient way to buy high-quality seeds. Various banks would sell seeds online. In a few cases, the growers and the consumers can purchase them in the nearest dispensaries; however, these depend on your location and legalization in the state.

Growing Autoflowering Strains – The Final Thoughts

Therefore, why should beginners buy autoflowering cannabis seeds? Specifically, it is the ideal option for beginners but not for professionals or the few dedicated amateurs who wish to attain sophisticated buds. Cannabis is a complex plant by nature. Only professional growers and breeders can check and consider them an interesting challenge, whereas the newbies might think it a complicated one.