Durban Thai x C99
Durban Thai x C99

Durban Thai x C99

Genetic Lineage

Durban-Thai female x Cinderella 99 female pollen donor.

Average Flowering Time

63-72 days


She grows like a big Skunk, the flowers are tight, dense nuggets of resin-encrusted calyxes. The bud gives off a sweet, but tart aroma that tickles the nose. The flavor is pure cotton candy.

Average Yield

Indoor yield is 8 ounces per plant. Outdoor yield depends on the grower’s style, but one-pound plants are not uncommon | Grow DTC99 in the natural Christmas tree shape – pruning away any small, sucker branches to encourage huge colas to form on the ends of each branch. One tall, central stake along the stem will provide enough support for the entire flowering cycle, her robust branches are capable of supporting the heavy buds


20% – 28% THC | 0.4% – 0.8% THCv

Terpene Profile

Tart | sweet | cotton candy

Pack Sizes

9 Feminized Seeds


The lineage of this hybrid is impressive indeed. We crossed a Durban-Thai female grown from original S.S.S.C. seed stock to our favorite Cinderella 99 female by using Silver Thiosulfate to induce the C99 to create 100% female pollen.

The high from these Durban-Thai x C99 hybrids is energetic, intensely psychoactive and creativity-inducing.  The aromas are an intoxicating mixture of musky incense and black licorice. In the grow room, this plant’s sturdy structure and minimal stretch during flowering make it an absolute pleasure to grow. We harvest loads of intoxicatingly fragrant, uber-dense flowers, with resin glands sparkling like crushed diamonds sprinkled all over them.

Durban Thai x C99 terpenes include terpinolene, myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene.

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