Farmer's Daughter
Farmer's Daughter
Farmer's Daughter
Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughter

Genetic Lineage

Vanilla Creme Pie x Humboldt Pound Cake Bx3

Average Flowering Time

Outdoor: 70 days


SATIVA(60% Sativa/40% Indica) | Colors brighter | energy enhancement | pain relief | elation | loss of time

Average Yield

Explosive, vigorous


26-30% THC

Terpene Profile

Gas | Lime | Diesel | Citrus | Grapefruit | Kush – Bursting With Terpenes

Pack Sizes

10 Feminized Seeds


As a loving and protective father, our founder Nat Pennington is raising two strong women in the special community that is Humboldt County. Nat says when young women are raised to respect nature and take care of the people around them that they grow up strong and beautiful, especially when they help to farm the ganja. The Farmer’s Daughter strain is an homage to the young women who will hopefully carry the cannabis community into the future, fostering justice and equity. The strain’s potent THC flowers are not to be messed with but will yield unrivaled beauty when given the proper care and respect. Strong branching and growth doesn’t require overbearing support but will respond well to guidance from a knowledgeable hand who knows when to “just let the plant grow”. This is one of our new genetics that’s intended to help small farmers survive the tough times we’re seeing in the “free market”. With genetics like this we hope that a family farm can survive another season so farmers can grow with their daughters.

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