Lemon Sunrise
Lemon Sunrise

Lemon Sunrise

Genetic Lineage

Lemon Jeffery x Arise

Average Flowering Time

60-70 days


SATIVA DOM | Intense Head Buzz | Talkative | Energetic | Creative | Social | Happy

Average Yield


Avg. Active Cannabinoids

25-30% THC

Terpene Profile

Lemons | Lemon Candy | Fuel | Kush

Pack Sizes

10 Regular M/F Seeds


Lemon Sunrise is a sativa dominant hybrid with a smooth lemon and fuel flavor. The high comes on quickly and can be intense for new smokers.

Lemon Sunrise will grow tall and the buds will be chunky. Be ready to add supports or trellis netting. Lemon Sunrise grows well topped into a bush and spread into a trellis net or tomato cage. When left untopped she will produce an impressive main cola that will require support. Lemon Sunrise is easy to grow if you are prepared for tall plants that will double in size before harvest. The finished products smells like lemonade powder with a hint Pinesol. Lemon Sunrise produces heavy harvests, is high in THC-A and high in Terpenoline and Limonene, making it perfect for commercial concentrate production.

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