Queen of Soul
Queen of Soul
Queen of Soul
Queen of Soul

Queen of Soul

Genetic Lineage

Princess x Princess/ Cinderella 99/Vortex

Average Flowering Time

60-65 days


Dense, Christmas-tree shaped plants with big, heavy colas and branch tips that sparkle with resin so thick the plants look white | The high is intense… a clear, soaring high that cuts through whatever you’ve been smoking.

Average Yield

Indoor yield is 4-8 ounces per plant. Outdoor yield is double that | We recommend growing Queen of Soul in its natural, single cola shape, supported with a central stake. Support for the branches is not often required, despite the buds’ weight – due to the strong branches.

Terpene Profile

Sweet | citrus | tropical fruit | spicy incense

Pack Sizes

13 Regular M/F Seeds


These are dense, compact Christmas-tree shaped Sativa dominant plants, displaying the typical long, thin leaves.

Queen of Soul flowers for 60-65 days, producing heavy flowers with very exotic, tropical fruit aromas and a spicy incense undertone. Mangos, pineapples, honeydew melons, citrus and patchouli waft through the room while they’re flowering. The high is very energetic and cerebral.

You’re sure to find an outstanding female – with a high yield, delicious flavor, and amazing potency.

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