Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb

Genetic Lineage

C4 x Cereal Milk

Average Flowering Time

8-9 weeks



Average Yield


Avg. Active Cannabinoids


Terpene Profile

Shiskaberry | Cotton candy | Fruity pebbles | Milky

Pack Sizes

6 Feminized Seeds

Cereal Milk has received a lot of hype as an elite strain; and with good reason. Its name is well earned as the terpenes are reminiscent of the sweet, creamy milk that is left at the bottom of your bowl after eating sugary, fruity cereal. While its mouth-watering terpenes are enough to earn a top stop in a cannabis-lover’s heart, it’s vigorous growth produces large yields of big buds glistening with frost.

C4 inherits its extreme frost and unique terpenes from its classic parents Shiskaberry and cotton candy. The smell and taste remind me of fruity pebbles.

Smoke Bomb is vigorous growing and a good yielder. Expect tons of frost, big buds and LOUD fruity pebbles cereal milk.
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