Trainwreck (M/F)
Trainwreck (M/F)
Trainwreck (M/F)
Trainwreck (M/F)

Trainwreck (M/F)

Genetic Lineage

Trainwreck x California Dream

Average Flowering Time

60 Days


30% Indica 70% Sativa Vigorous plant with incredible production Extremely wide growth pattern good for growers with height limitations Dense, lime green, sticky buds Incredible mold-resistant and low maintenance plant structure Sweet and sappy smell Potent pain-relieving medicinal High levels of Terpinolene, a reported anti-microbial, tranquilizer

Average Yield

Very heavy

Terpene Profile

Skunk | orange | turpentine

Pack Sizes

20 Regular M/F Seeds


Trainwreck is a vigorous plant that has incredible production. It has an extremely wide growth pattern which makes this strain ideal for the grower with height limitations. It has a huge production of lime green strong smelling buds with incredible mold resistant and a low maintenance plant structure. It gets its sweet turpentine smell from high levels of Terpinolene which has reported an anti-microbial and strong tranquilizing effects.

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