Zweet OG F2
Zweet OG F2

Zweet OG F2

Genetic Lineage

Zweet OG F1 x Zweet OG F1
Zweet Inzanity Rbx* x Josh D OG F1**

*(Durban Poison x Chem D x i95) x (Durban Poison x NY City Diesel x GG4) x **Josh D OG From Karma

Average Flowering Time

Indoor: 9-10 weeks

Outdoor: Mid to full season


Long-lasting and pleasant; she's not heavy or zippy. Right in the middle.

Average Yield

Indoor: High

Outdoor: Very high



Terpene Profile

Gassy and Sour OG terps | heavy earthy tones | hints of candied lemons

Pack Sizes

8 or 17 Regular (M/F) Seeds


Morphology: Vigorous and fairly vertical. Long internodes with large, deeply stacked flowers. Fairly long with somewhat thin leaf blades.

Morphogenesis: Spongy flowers with good trichome density.

Medium Bract/Leaf ratio. The Trichomes have large heads and skinny necks. Perfect for water extraction.

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