Ethos Apex R1
Ethos Apex R1
Ethos Apex R1
Ethos Apex R1

Ethos Apex R1

Genetic Lineage

Lilac Diesel 10 x Mandarin Cookies

Average Flowering Time

9 Weeks

Average Yield

Beast mode!



Terpene Profile

Candied lilac | sweet berries | lemon cake | grapefruit | hashy spices | earthy chem | petrol

Pack Sizes

5 or 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds


Ethos Apex R1 grows with great vior but she’s easily trained. Medium-long internodes stack large medium-dense flowers giving huge yields of boutique flower. Effects are classic “stoner,” lots of giggles with a clear but powerful punch. Her sweeter candied and lemon phenos lean more Sativa while her grapefruit, fuel and orange seem to be heavier.

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