Golden Goat Bx1
Golden Goat Bx1

Golden Goat Bx1

Genetic Lineage


Average Flowering Time

55-65 days



Average Yield


Avg. Active Cannabinoids

25-30% THC

Terpene Profile

Tropical | Citrus | Fruity | Sweet

Pack Sizes

10 Regular M/F Seeds


Golden Goat is a “clone-only” strain, meaning no male plants or seeds were released by the original breeder(Mr Dank). To make non-feminized Golden Goat seeds I developed a Golden Goat Backcross. To start the process I bred the Golden Goat female to a male Daybreaker. The male selection here was important. I needed something distinctly different from the Golden Goat. Using a male that was vastly different from the Golden Goat in every way helped me identify the male from their offspring that was a mirror of the Golden Goat female to ensure I pass the Golden Goat traits and leave the Daybreaker genetics behind.

Step one was to breed the Golden Goat to something with contrasting traits. That created (Golden Goat X Daybreaker), AKA Arise. The next step was to grow those seeds and find the male that looks and smells just like the original Golden Goat. Now I had a male that looked just like the original female. I used that select Golden Goat dominant male to pollinate the original Golden Goat female clone and create the BX1. The progeny are very close representations of the original Golden Goat mother. There will be some variation in this generation.

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