Headband Cookies Bx1
Headband Cookies Bx1
Headband Cookies Bx1
Headband Cookies Bx1

Headband Cookies Bx1

Genetic Lineage

(ChemD x i95) x Mandarin Cookies x (Headband x i95) x California Black  Rozé

Average Flowering Time

60-70 days

Average Yield



Long lasting, intense hybrid effects with an upfront sativa-like blast followed by a warm gravy effect. Great for appetite stimulation and anti-nausea.  



Terpene Profile

Pungent | sour | gasoline | floral | acrid meat. 

Pack Sizes

8 or 17 Regular (M/F) Seeds


Rock-solid nugs, with purple-tipped calyx that are coated in trichomes. Avocado-shaped nugs stack nicely on medium length internodes, with some stretch in flower.

She can be a huge yielding plant for the experienced grower but training and feed schedules on her aren't easy to dial in. She typically likes less nutrients (lower E.C./particularly nitrogen) than most common varieties.

She's boutique in EVERY way. Flavor, aesthetics, quality of effects and distinction. Any connoisseur grower should try her out in my opinion. The beginner grower may want to shy away at first to a more easily controlled plant with less stretch.

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