Genetic Lineage

MAC x Gary Payton

Average Flowering Time

8-9 weeks


Sativa Dominant

Average Yield


Avg. Active Cannabinoids


Terpene Profile

Diesel | Burnt rubber | Gassy | Earthy | Cherries | Cookies

Pack Sizes

6 Feminized Seeds

The strain named after the basketball legend, Gary Payton, has quickly become a legend in its own right. This strain is closely guarded by many growers and cuts have been known to sell for Its frosty and potent with loud terpenes that smacks one in the face with terpenes that many say is mouth-watering yet difficult to describe. Some of the ways people have attempted to describe the terpenes of Gary Payton are diesel, burnt rubber, gassy, earthy, cherries and cookies.

MAC1 is a legendary strain that is prized by the growers that are lucky enough to get their hands on her. MAC1 is said to be intensely euphoric due to some landrace Columbian sativa genetics mixed in, and intensely frosty and flavorful thanks to genetic contribution from Starfighter and Alien Cookies. 
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