Star Killer (F)
Star Killer (F)
Star Killer (F)
Star Killer (F)

Star Killer (F)

Genetic Lineage

(Mazar x Blueberry) x OG Kush

Average Flowering Time

60-70 Days


KUSH INDICA DOM | %70/30 | Euphoric, Happy, Relaxing

Medical applications include pain relief, insomnia, chemo-therapy side-effects, gastro-intestinal problems, AIDS and PTSD

Average Yield


Terpene Profile

Diesel | Lemon | Sweet

Pack Sizes

6 Feminized Seeds


Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup Winner of the Oregon Grower’s Cup Star Killer is a cross of Skywalker OG and the RD #2 male producing a sweet Kush taste with Lemonhead candy notes. From the first taste, she brings on the OG flavour. Dense, purplish-hued buds that are covered with trichomes. A little stockier than her OG sister plants. Star Killer grows well indoors or outdoors although she doesn’t like high temps or high ph levels. 

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